PT Satria Bahana Sarana's Learning Center department, distributing 100 internship student's report i

Photo's Description : Project Manager, Vice Presiden HCGS, Head Learning Center and PT. Satria Bahana Sarana's internship students program

Tanjung Enim, SBSNews – internship student's report distributing at PT. Satria Bahana Sarana's Learning Center Department indicates that the learning process of the first quarter ends, Thursday (6/7/2019).

Internship Program is a part of company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) specialized for Tanjung Enim's youth. Beside that, this students internship program will also producing reliable operators and mechanics for the needs of company.

In this student's internship program at PT. SBS's Learning Center Department has started from March 2019 and will end in February 2020. The total number of students is 100 participants, with details of 50 students of heavy equipment operators and 50 mechanical students.

SBSNew monitoring, today, thursday (6/7/2019) is an  internship student's report distributing at the first quarter, “that this first quarter, we determine the 10 best students in the mechanical category, 5 best students Dum Truck (DT), 3 best students Power Crane (PC), and the last 3 best students Dozer. Only the best students and passed the test will join to become part of PT. Satria Bahana Sarana, so keep up the spirit of learning”, said Head Learning Center PT. SBS, Oniwan D Arifianto.

Still in Oni's opinion, “operator and mechanic internship students evaluation are conducted every three months. This report card is our basis for getting reliable operators and mechanics."

The same thing was also expressed by the Vice President of HCGS PT. SBS, Reviyanto , “SBS's investment in this internship program is quite large, therefore, we hope to be able to get prospective operators and mechanics who have high durability and discipline. PT. SBS really needs young talents who are full of enthusiasm to move forward." he explained.

Also present at the occasion, PT. SBS's Project Manager, Dwiyanto Prakoso, "I advised the students who are currently running an internship program, they must comply with the existing regulations in PT. SBS, which always prioritizes work safety wherever they are, both inside and outside the mine area." he concluded (SBSNews/Red**).